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You're Not Alone: Needing and Making New Friends As an Adult

Something that consistently stood out to me when performing research for The Friendship Fix was how common it was, as an adult, to truly feel like you were desperately in want of new friendships. Whether or not it truly is due to the fact you've undergone a life transition that manufactured you expand apart from outdated buddies -- a relocation, a job alter, a divorce, a marriage, getting to be a mother or father -- or whether or not you've just acknowledged that a lot of of your friendships have steadily faded (or worse, become toxic), you are by no means alone if you're searching to make new

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Dating isn't

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5 Real Ways to Make Money Online From Home

It pays to cast your fiscal net on the internet, exactly where possibilities abound.

Monetizing your knowledge -- whether or not in social networking or transcribing -- is one way to make income although sitting at your personal computer at house.